Things I Learned in 2014: A Deep Breath Before Diving In


This morning, we’re snuggled up on the sofa.  Still in our pajamas, tuned into a Gorillaz concert, we fire up our laptops for a quick work session as the snow outside sparkles under a perfectly blue sky.  The mountains are knocking on the door of our souls, asking if we can come out to play.

For the last couple weeks, we have been on the go.  The soundtrack of our holiday season was a joyful mix of reverent carols, shared laughter with family, and the whir of jet engines.  The melody began with the clinking of raised glasses to friends, a toast to the arrival of the greatly anticipated Christmas vacation.  It was in the slow mornings where the music gave way to silence. . . and the world seemed to stop turning.  This is one of those mornings.  No agenda except to reflect on the year Two Thousand Fourteen.

Before diving into all that is ahead, I believe there is value in acknowledging what was learned over the last 365 days.  It would be wonderful to thumb through the pages of my journal to comb over all the emotions woven through this year’s events, but those pages are void of ink.  In 2015 I am on a mission to bring back the art of recording the most intimate details of the adventure of this life.  In the meantime, recolection should suffice.

There is no question that Adaptability was a common theme of the last twelve months.  The third year of Medical School is a shift from the classroom to the clinic.  With each rotation ranging from four to eight weeks, Mike’s schedule varied drastically. During the “away” rotation, Mike was exposed to the rural medicine while142 miles away from home.  The weekends guaranteed his return for a couple days, but the five days between were marked by quiet nights.  We were preparing to move in the Fall, so my evenings alone were dedicated to a search for the next place to call home.  In the middle of one of Mike’s most demanding and important clinical rotations, I boxed up life in the first place that housed our new family and transported each piece with the help of friends and family who generously gave of their time and energy.  While Mike was in a rotation that called for overnight service, we learned first-hand how technology allows for time to connect.  As one was hard at work, the other was sound asleep. It’s a strange feeling to be sleeping in the same bed during different times of the day.  And so life goes.  With each season, we all learn to adapt and adjust to the current circumstance.

The ability to adapt has only been possible in the company of great Grace.  Grace from our friends and family as they so lovingly understand when we are not able to be present at each event and grace for each other to thrive as Team Jarrett.  Above all else, we have experienced an incredible measure of Grace from the Lord. We continue to learn what it means to seek His wisdom to guide each decision for our family.  With each step, we are overwhelmed by the sense of peace that He gives without reservation.  Answers to our prayers have ranged from “Go for it!” to “That’s not the road I have for you,” to “The time will come, but not today is not the day.”  Where would we be without the counsel of the Holy Spirit?

Under the umbrella of these overarching themes, I discovered the unexpected generosity of our community.  With mixed emotions, I found the bravery to share my desire to become a Certified LifePlan Facilitator and the financial investment it would require.  Over the span of a few short weeks, every penny that was needed to make this dream a reality was provided.  I remain in wonder of how everything has come together.  For those of you who have come alongside me in this pursuit, I send another expression of my deepest gratitude.  I pray the Lord will continue use LifePlanning to bring clarity of purpose, strategy, and renewed strength for each woman who participates in their personal LifePlan.  It’s already happening and you have played an integral role.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

In case you missed the social media announcement today, January marks the official launch of the place where business and ministry collide.  Heart to Chart LLC has been founded to house my work as a Facilitator.  With the creative assistance of Sara Fachetti (website design) and Paulina Pestridge (photography), is now live!  Check it out to learn more about the LifePlan Process and hear from those who have already walked through the process.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.20.15 PM

Before saying hello to 2015, fifteen quick life lessons from 2014:

1.  Music will always be part of our home.


2.  My Sister-in-Law is going to be a phenomenal nurse.


3.  If it feels like someone tries to steal your thunder, let it go.


4.  Turning 30 isn’t nearly as painful as people make it out to be.  Especially when surrounded by awesome friends.


5.  My husband is on the road to becoming a surgeon!  Next stop:  Residency.


6.  Musician, medical mind, talented writer, and creative builder.  I have learned so much more about my partner in crime and the way God has uniquely created him!


  7.  Watching these two say “I do,” was simply spectacular.


8.  I LOVE to cook.  I also love wearing aprons made by talented friends.



9.  My brother met his perfect match.  Our family is growing!


10.  Never stop growing the Community around you.  People are a treasured gift.


11.  Fitness is about building from your base.  You can always get faster, stronger, and better.  August 2014 marked a triathlon PR!


12.  We’re going to have a new niece!  Excited to meet Ivy Garden!


13.  Colorado sunsets continue to take my breath away.  It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of this state.  With residency around the corner, these might be our last 18 months here for a while.  Learning to savor every second.


14.  Marriage is a gift.  After two years of life together, I can’t wait to see what the Lord holds for our future.  This man is the greatest blessing.


15.  Mom and Dad landed in a pretty sweet spot.  While I miss having them only a few miles away, Portland looks good on them and they are setting a great example of what it means to trust God and take a leap of faith!