Heart of Gratitude: Day 2

It’s exam weekend at our home which means that my ever-studious husband is plowing through lectures on the GI system at two-times regular speed and I’m catching up on laundry; ducking in and out to make sure there is sufficient water and plenty of kisses to last throughout the day.  One year ago today, we turned the page to a new chapter of our adventure when he chauffeured me to the chapel where we were to be wed.  It was in that room that he serenaded me with a breathtaking promise, then knelt down on one knee to ask if I would spend the rest of my life with him.  Both on that special evening and every day since, my answer has been ‘YES.’

This new chapter has been one of many beginnings, including a relocation to the place we now call Home.  We wade through traffic like running a race through knee-deep mud and trips to the grocery store often include a rare sighting, such as a man standing near the entrance with a parrot perched on his shoulder.

As I made my way down a neighborhood street, leaves crunched beneath my feet and the sun shone over the trees to create a glowing tunnel of red, green, and gold.  A few paces away I would find myself in the home of a latte made to perfection, greeted by a friend that I met just four months prior.  It is on this day that I am thankful.  Thankful for new places and new faces.




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