Heart of Gratitude: Day 7

Some of my earliest memories include the presence of twelve friends.  It was with these friends that me, and my brothers, jumped on trampolines, collected hail after a storm, opened Christmas presents, went to the zoo, and ate grilled cheese sandwiches at Grandma’s house.  I remember waiting patiently at the hospital to meet three of them on the day they were born, and was at the courthouse the day one of them was adopted.  Three of them invited me to stand up their weddings.

Today, seven of them have children, totaling fourteen.  Two of them have lived out adventures of a lifetime, making their home on the other side of the world.  Last year, we were all trusting God as one of them fought a battle with cancer.  Another, is a strong wife of a soldier who held down the fort while her husband protected the freedom of this nation.  Our lives may look very different from one to another, but we share a very special bond.

In a few short weeks, the holiday season will be in full-swing.  For our family, the holidays truly bring us together.  It is certain that we consume more calories than we should, laugh until our sides hurt, and catch up on life.  We may not see each other as often as we would like, but I love them all the same.  Today, I am thankful – thankful for cousins that I also get to call Friends.



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