Heart of Gratitude: Day 11

As if the Empty Nester Effect wasn’t enough, my parents were faced with a decision this year that could mean that they too, would fly the coop.  After twenty four years of making their home in Colorado, Mom and Dad said ‘yes’ to a new adventure in Oregon.  Tears flowed from every eye as they said their goodbyes to both sets of parents, three kiddos (and son-in-law), siblings, nieces, nephews, friends, and coworkers.

My husband and I understood that this was an opportunity to not only propel Dad forward in his career, but the perfect chance to embark on a brand new adventure together.  For years, they sacrificed much so my brothers and I would grow up near family and graduate with many of the kids we knew as Kindergartners.  Now, it was their turn.  While it was hard to see them go, our excitement for them superseded our sadness. 

In the weeks leading up to their departure, we were committed to praying for wisdom in their decision.  Our focus shifted when Dad accepted the position and Mom started coordinating with the moving company to relocate every inch of their home.  The movers may have packed and delivered sets of dishes and living room furniture, but family and friends were not included in the move package offer.  Given our experience, we understand firsthand how important it is to be surrounded by other sincere Christ-followers.  We prayed fervently that the Lord would provide a community for them in their new home.

Within days of Mom joining Dad in Oregon, they were meeting friends and settling into their neighborhood.  Our hearts have been overwhelmed with joy to learn that Dad is leading his team at work with confidence and Mom has joined one of the ladies from church to churn out jars of blackberry jam and gallons of fresh pressed apple cider.

My heart is filled with gratitude when I consider their example of teamwork and commitment to following the Lord’s calling.  Today, more than ever before, I am thankful for blackberry jam.



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