Heart of Gratitude: Day 13

As part of my morning routine, I snag a sandwich and yogurt from the fridge, reach for a Cutie from our fruit bowl on the counter, and am reminded of the raspberries that I bought on Saturday.  They were dark to begin, but when I washed them at lunch today, I noticed a couple had been inhabited by bits of mold and the majority were marked by tiny black spots.  To be sure, I inspected each one before consuming them.  While I sort, an email drops into my inbox with today’s blog post from Ann Voskamp (aholyexperience.com).  My heart sinks to my stomach as I am reminded that there are thousands of people, another world away, who have been struck by a disastrous storm.  Lives have been lost and little ones are starving, yet here I sit, tossing away berries that spent too many hours in our refrigerator.

I am not suggesting that the abundance that we experience day to day should call us to throw away all our possessions out of a place of guilt.  What we are blessed to do is to give thanks for clean water and sunsets, for health and strong relationships, for the warm blankets on our beds and for jobs that pay our bills.  I have learned that giving thanks is not limited to lip service, but it is also an expression of our heart.  An expression that is demonstrated by the way we expend our time, energy, and resources.  Looking down at my Solo cup of raspberries, I considered all that has been given to us and was challenged:  Are my minutes, talents, and dollars being used wisely, or are they sitting in my refrigerator, only to be forgotten?  Today I am thankful for the reminder to not only be thankful, but to live out a life of Thanksgiving.



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