Heart of Gratitude: Day 21

Of all the places where the Lord could have us, we are blessed to make our home in Colorado. . . at least for now! The National Weather Service adheres to a more technical definition of a “sunny day,” but most Coloradans agree that a mostly sunny day meets the criteria for a day of sunshine.  With a loose approach to the matter, the Front Range joins the ranks of the sunniest places on earth with more than 300 days of sunshine each year.

Yesterday, I was trampling leaves on a lunch run, the sun kissing my face and nothing more than a breeze through my hair.  The golf course was littered with golfers who couldn’t have asked for a better day in the middle of November.


This morning was an entirely different story, but one that warms my heart all the same.  Temperatures dropped overnight and the noontime thermometer reads 18 degrees!  Rays of sunshine have been traded for tiny snowflakes and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Only the Lord knows how long we will reside in this beautiful place, but for the last 24 years I have absolutely loved every season!  Today I am thankful for rays of sunshine. . . and tiny snowflakes!



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