Extraordinary Without Being Part Squirrel

The videos produced by Soul Pancake, starring Kid President, pull at my heart strings every time. I often find myself quoting one of the most memorable episodes, both aloud and to myself: “Not cool, Robert Frost!” This afternoon, I discovered a new gem titled “For the Heroes: A Pep Talk from Kid President.” He has a way of making an inspirational message both charming and hilarious. Who but a nine year-old can make declarations about being extraordinary without being part squirrel? And there, right in the middle of his closing line, “Let’s do this,” is a call to all who are ordinary, to be heroes and to take time to recognize who they consider to be heroes.

Maybe there is something that is riding on every train of thought – an idea that could impact lives and even generations. Maybe becoming a hero means investing time, energy, talent, and resources into a cause that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. While leaving a legacy by boarding a flight to make waves in another country or writing a check for a large contribution may have a lasting result, we should also remember that there are those we come in contact with each day, the most familiar of faces, who might be looking for a hero. As we exude confidence through a genuine smile, engage others in meaningful conversation, develop a solid work ethic, say “good morning,” love with abandon, challenge the status quo, and take advantage of opportunities to serve, we might look over our shoulder and be surprised to find that there are others who are inspired and following in our footsteps as a result. Some call it leading by example; I also propose that we call it being a hero.

Oh, and this guy?  Extraordinary. . . and not part squirrel.


Want to see the video?  Click here:  For the Heroes: A Pep Talk from Kid President


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