Lessons in the Here and Now

A deep breath at the beginning of this week is now being slowly exhaled as the work week draws to a close. Three hours, four minutes, and a handful of seconds remain. A sunny Labor Day weekend awaits.

Two Tuesdays each month, I have the pleasure of sitting across from a courageous friend to discuss Love Does by Bob Goff. We laugh about her little one falling asleep in his yogurt and create a safe place to share what’s stirring in our hearts. Our paths crossed nearly two years ago when our husbands introduced us at a Valentines’ dinner for All ‘Bout Couples. Both her husband and mine are in their third year of Medical School.

The second half of Medical School is a time of discovery – close to two years devoted to exploring the various specialties of Medicine – a time to determine which career to pursue. Beyond the string of Residency program interviews lies Friday, March 16, 2016. Almost four years after our very first date, the Hubs and I will take another deep breath and get ready to jump into the next phase of training. Between now and then, there are so many variables to consider and decisions to make. Prayers for guidance will be ever on our lips.

In the middle of sharing my thoughts about where we might be by the summer of 2016, like a scratched compact disk from 1998, the phrase “we just don’t know” was repeated at various intervals to my patiently listening friend. “What are your thoughts?” I asked, sure that she too was considering what life will look like for them. Reassuringly, she shared that she is choosing to stay focused on the present, not always thinking ahead to the next change. As part of their decision to join the military there is a high probability that they will relocate a number of times in future years.

Driving home, I let her words echo in my heart as I reflected on how my ability to trust can increase during this time. What may appear to be unknown to us, is fully known to the God we serve. My response will indicate whether I am operating out of unfounded fear or operating in unshakeable faith. Holding fast to confidence in the Lord, I want the next nineteen months to be lived out fully: investing in our community, taking pleasure in what might be considered to be small, creating lasting memories with family and friends, savoring each beautiful Colorado season, and falling more in love every day. We may be on the move, but I’m learning daily what it means to be in the here [at least for] now.


I pray that your weekend holds pockets of stillness – moments to reflect on what it looks like for you to be in the here [at least for] now!


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