31 Days of Growth {One : A Starting Place}

pumpkin growth

Myquillyn Smith is the genius behind The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful, a blogger who captures the art of what it means to create fabulous living spaces, and she has a pretty rockin’ first name. Each October, she invites women to take place in a 31-day challenge to publish a blog every day on a topic of their choosing.

Last November, I established Unwritten Adventure: Exchanging Asthenes for Dunumai after a year-long break from blogging. Publishing blogs on a regular basis might seem to be an easy feat from the outside looking in. How difficult could it possibly be to pound keys for a few minutes and click a link to give it a permanent place to live in the online world? Allow me this moment to reassure you: it’s not always easy. Writing can be an extremely personal work, especially when one is passionate about the topic. Take that personal work and publish it to an unseen audience and the writer is instantaneously vulnerable. I meet ladies all the time who express their love for writing and I encourage them to start their own blog, but few ever do. Today, I challenge anyone who has ever considered the idea of developing their voice and laying the foundation for their platform, to join 31 Days 2014.

For the entire month of October, I am devoting my personal efforts to publish posts that relate to Growth. There is no roadmap and I choose to forgo an outline or even a list of potential ideas. Instead, this will be a series of posts that will likely range from a simple quote to hundreds of words. Each will be indicative of the time I am able to devote or the level of enthusiasm I posses. With that said, I make no promises with regard to how inspired you might feel after reading through each day.  I do hope that as I write with an emphasis on Growth, that both you and I experience new ways to kick down the walls of our comfort zones, dive deeper into who we are created to be, and savor every moment of this gorgeous autumnal month.  So here we are, at Day One – a place to start, to turn to a fresh page and chronicle this unwritten adventure of GROWTH!

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Growth {One : A Starting Place}

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I am a new blogger and passionate about writing. When I read my posts they seem so short and I wish they could be better, longer etc. But I’m trying and learning and will press on. Looking forward to read your posts!

    Amanda livingandtravelingafrica.wordpress.com

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