31 Days of Growth {Day Six : Heavy Lifting}

In the chaos of this weekend, I discovered a new appreciation for the amount of work it requires to publish a daily blog.  With two posts on the books for this month, I imagined I could easily find time to type out something new for the remaining twenty nine days.

Twenty six hours of my weekend were devoted to moving our belongings from Point A to Point B.  The distance between the two points being 19.3 miles.  Thanks to an incredible amount of help from family and friends, I still managed to catch some Z’s, run a 5k with my dear friend, and enjoy a casual date night with the hubs.  All the while, I remained cool, calm, and collected.  THANK YOU to our community.  You guys ROCK.

While there was plenty of time to knock out 90% of our move and still savor the downtime, logging on to publish a blog seemed to be an impossibility.  This is what makes Write 31 Days a true challenge.  Even today, I find myself longing for an afternoon siesta or another caffeine rich beverage, rather than searching for words that to expound on the idea of Growth.  In the middle of my sleepy state, I stumbled upon the following quote from Calvin Coolridge (30th U.S. President):


I find this quote to be particularly inspiring, not because it broadcasts a message that is ground-breaking, but because it boldly declares the obvious.  It is a reality that we often want to escape, especially when we are tired.  I am not a proponent of pushing to the point of burnout, but I do know that growth happens when we push our limits.  Muscular hypertrophy (growth) does not happen unless there are increased demands placed on the muscle.  In the most simple terms:  Increased Demand = Increased Size.  The same principle applies to intellectual growth, or habits we intend to form.  If our daily existence requires little effort, we are missing out on opportunities to grow.

When I overlay the words of President Coolridge on this particular challenge to publish a post each day, I am acutely aware of the amount of effort that may be required, especially when the demands placed on my time and energy are high.  Each day may not be as easy as the one before, but I know that there is potential to become a stronger writer by placing an increased demand on my “writing muscle.”  (I believe the Latin name is Scriptus Maximus.)

What “muscles” could use a little hypertrophy (growth) in your life this week?  Write them down.  Make them plain.  Go do some heavy lifting.

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