31 Days of Growth {Day Eight : The Peanut Gallery}


This afternoon, I had the pleasure of going to lunch with three of my ROCKSTAR coworkers (and Baby Brauni).  I asked each of them to send me an original quote that related in some way, shape, or form to Growth.  I let Brauni off the hook this time.  Here’s what the Peanut Gallery had to say:

“I do not believe that personal growth is necessarily about change.  It’s about fully accepting the person you currently are right now including all your quirks and flaws.” – Briahna

“Find the right people, put them in the right positions, and invest in their personal growth. The result is growth of your business.” – Ted

“Growth is painful.  Change is painful.  But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.” – Danielle

Now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on Growth with the readers of this page!

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