Guest Post : Moving Mountains

We may be days away from the Summer months, but this morning it’s a chilly 36 degrees in Colorado.  The duck population couldn’t be more thrilled over the newly formed swimming pools across the terrain, but the rest of us are about ready for some serious sunshine.
Yesterday morning, a dear friend courageously shared her heart with a handful of close friends.  When I received her message to my inbox, I couldn’t help but want to share her words with anyone who might pause for a moment to read them.

This rain… relentlessly pouring over the last few weeks, giving us moments of sunshine and a glimpse that the end of this weather is right around the corner…but yet we wake up to the sound of rain beating against our windows yet again. 
I usually am I the one who is in a grumpy mood due to the weather, hoping, wishing that it would stop, as I need sunshine, I need the warmth.  Surprisingly though, I woke up today with a sense of peace, welcoming the gray, cold, rainy weather. I heard the Lord shout, “just wait, be still, I am moving mountains my dear and the beauty that will come from this will amaze you”. 
A few weeks ago, Jason and my family started working on our front yard. We have a very large tree in our front yard that I have fallen in love with. This tree reflects ever season of Colorado, fall, winter, spring, summer, I love it. When we started working on the yard, our tree just started sprouting, very small, nothing much that would catch your eye. The tree is large and right there, you can miss it, however it’s not something that notice every day. Yesterday when pulling into the garage, I slowed down as I noticed the tree is now in full bloom, green as ever, and it is beautiful.  God is good.
This rain and weather reminds me of Gods beauty and grace in this crazy-beautiful life we live. We wake up each day, moving forward, rarely do we have a moment to stop, look up and breathe, but when we do, we see the mountains the Lord has been moving.  
My life, like everyone else’s is constantly moving and changing all the time. There are also moments where I feel like I am sitting in the muck of life and I feel stuck, a lot like this weather, praying to the Lord for relief, a glimpse of hope, tired of the gray and cloudiness in life. 
It’s rare for me to hear the Lord, but I love when I hear the Lord’s voice, tugging at my heart, “Be still my dear, just wait. It may seem like there is no light, no hope, but I promise you, I am moving mountains; all you need to do is trust in me. There is beauty in the dark”.

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