Spring Refresh : Taking Inventory

First, it only seems appropriate to share an update since my last post. . .


Match Day Letter_Edit

We are still pinching ourselves.  Staying in Colorado means that we will be able to put down roots and continue to invest in our family and friends.  What a gift!

Here in Colorado, we’re expecting temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s all week, the daffodils are in full bloom and the cyclists are out in droves.  There’s something about the return of sunshine (especially after that crazy spring snowstorm) that reassures us summertime is just around the bend.  Before we break out the swimwear and pitch tents under the stars, there is often a desire to “clean house” (be it literally or figuratively).

There is one particular space in our home that desperately needs my attention:


What you can’t see are the items that are stashed away to the very back of these shelves.  Preparing a cup of tea starts with pulling out a layer of cups and lids, skewers and vitamins before I can even access the tea boxes.  Each time I open the door, there is a fair chance that a lighter or roll of tape will fall out with a loud crash to the floor (if I am able to move my toes out of the way fast enough!).  Conquering this space needs to happen sooner than later.  As with any organization project, it will start with an assessment of my inventory:

  • Is this helpful, valuable, often utilized? (Right)
  • Is this item rarely used, empty, easily replaced? (Wrong)
  • Where in the world did this come from?  What does it do? (Confused)
  • What items are running low that I need to add to my shopping list? (Missing)

With the trees in full bloom, I’ve had conversations with a number of women who are sensing that it’s time to align with their goals and make progress toward their Life Vision.

Similar to the way we might begin organizing the rooms of our home, the LifePlan process employs the question, “Where Am I Today?” to take inventory on our lives.  Looking at the Life Domains (Personal, Family, Career, Church and Community), we create a detailed list:

  • What’s right?
  • What’s wrong?
  • What’s confused?
  • What’s missing?

These four helpful lists are the starting point for a journey that ultimately leads to the action items for What’s Important Now.

Maybe you started out the year with good intentions of maintaining New Year’s resolutions.  Maybe your resolve is waning, maybe you’re still running strong.  Either way, the first quarter of 2016 is behind us and it’s time to get moving in Q2!

Carve out some time this week to create your own “Four Helpful Lists” and see what themes rise to the surface.  Does the direction you are running make sense?  Maybe it’s time to realign your goals to invest your time, energy and resources into what matters most.  If so, don’t delay!  Let’s rediscover our purpose and start living this day with fresh focus and strategy!

LifePlan Toolbox

*For those of you who have already completed your LifePlan, it’s time for a scrub!  Your LifePlan comes alive when you take the time to check in on a daily basis.  To keep it relevant, conduct a full review (scrub) each quarter.  Throughout this series, I will share some additional thoughts in the LifePlan Toolbox to guide you through your quarterly scrub!

  1.  Start with your Objectives.  What do you hope to accomplish in each of your Life Domains over the next three months?  If you struggle to find the words, go ahead and leave the objective blank for that Domain and then move on.  You can always come back to it!
  2. Four Helpful Lists – don’t sell yourself short here.  Don’t let distractions in.  Find a time when you can think clearly without interruption.  Have fun with it!  If you are getting serious about your Career, get dressed as though you are going to an important interview or giving a presentation.  Find a place that feels professional to you.  Maybe it’s in the lobby of a downtown hotel.  Maybe it’s at a table in your favorite coffee shop.  If your focus leans toward Personal, find a space that is part of your Replenishment Cycle.  Would you feel most inspired as you sit near a river in the mountains?  Do you need to think over this list as you paint or crochet?  Has it been a crazy start to the year?  Maybe you need to brew a cup of tea, slather on a layer of lavender lotion and snuggle up with your favorite pet in a comfy chair.

Next week, we’ll explore the “middle” of your LifePlan!  If you are struggling with how you should scrub a specific portion, I would love to hear from you.  You are likely not alone, so I can be sure to share insights on a particular point with the rest of the crew!  You know where to find me:  deanza@hearttochart.com




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