Heart Stories : Clara

When I first heard about the LifePlan process, I honestly wasn’t sure what to think. As a Human Resources professional, I’ve seen more than my share of professional assessment/ personal inventory tools and programs come and go. Most of them have a few great kernels of substance, but largely consist of fillers and sawdust. I was willing to give it a shot because sometimes, those few kernels of substance are worth it and because I know DeAnza to be a person of great personal integrity. I thought to myself that if it was something she was investing in, I might get a better than average substance to filler ratio. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This process takes the idea of assessment and inventory to a whole new level. When I started this process, I thought I was on the right path. I’d found a career that fit my skill-set, and felt like a match with my moral compass. On paper, everything made sense, looked great, and seemed like the job I was in was a step in the ‘right direction’. I remember thinking that just because the ‘right direction’ still hadn’t really revealed itself to me and lacked clarity, I was surely doing all of the right things to get myself ‘there’, where ever ‘there’ was. I’ve always relied on my moral compass to call the shots and I’ve always assumed that I just wasn’t one of those people who was lucky enough to be born with a calling. What I learned was that a compass is a great tool, but if you don’t have a map, you still end up wandering the desert looking for water.

The Paterson LifePlan process drew my map. It gave me the terrain, charted the geography, and gave me a sense of my destination. By walking me through the decisions I’d made, the ground I’ve already covered, and the general direction I’ve always  been heading, it gave me a road map to where I need to be. My job at that time looked great on paper, but it still wasn’t right. The LifePlan process showed me that by moving a little to the left and again to the right, I could easily get on the highway and on my way to a destination that became extremely clear.

Having a map to go with my compass gave me the confidence to take a leap and go for a job that I probably wouldn’t have gone for before, because I wouldn’t have seen how it fit with my direction. I am now in a position that is a great fit, going toward something that not only compliments my abilities, but also will allow me to be in a position to maximize the things I’m best at for the greater good. I can say that with confidence now, and that’s an amazing feeling. I couldn’t have done this without DeAnza’s patience and steady guiding hand. She’s a great companion to have on this journey and I’m so grateful to have had a chance to work with her. I can’t recommend the LifePlan enough. No filler, all substance.



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