Finish Strong : Get Outside


  1. Inhale.
  2. Exhale.
  3. Repeat.

Now, pencil some time into this busy season to make that happen outside.

When the weather turns chilly, we retreat into the great indoors. The crackle from the warm fire, paired with a peppermint mocha and cozy slippers invites us to slow our tempo and enjoy the quiet moments. (Don’t worry, there will be more on the importance of rest in the coming weeks, but those words are saved for another day.)

There is a concerted effort to help our nation’s children spend more time playing outside and less time in front of their electronics. As adults, we could benefit from doing more of the same. We rely on the treadmill belt to help us improve our fitness and we receive information from a variety of sources, most of them louder than our own thoughts. Rarely do we invest time to increase our heart rate while breathing in oxygen recycled by the trees lining a hiking trail, recovering to the sound of a flowing stream. Taking our workouts outside might open our eyes to the wonder of the beauty around us, allowing even a few moments to listen to what’s happening in our minds and hearts. What an adventure it is to explore Creation, while talking to the Creator of the universe!

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.” Psalm 95:6

There are six weeks left in 2016. Join in the challenge to #finishstrongin2016 by incorporating at least one outdoor workout into each week. Shred the gnar on your favorite mountain or take a walk on your lunch break. Post pictures of your adventures and share what you learn along the way!


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