LifePlanning : My Story

At 26 years old, my life was already quite an unexpected adventure, as I believe holds true for so many of us. In 2006, I graduated from Colorado State with a degree in Health and Exercise Science. Taking a few turns along the way, I moved from Personal Training to becoming a Medical Assistant to an Orthopaedic Surgeon. At the recommendation of a close friend, I landed at OtterBox in the Summer of 2010 and was exposed to more about business, management, and customer service than I could ever learn in a classroom. The company was growing at an unprecedented rate and I was both along for the ride and excited for the challenge. The first year was a whirlwind. My original role quickly expanded and at my one-year mark, I was managing a team of three and we were ready to take on the world. OtterBox employees were eligible to participate in a LifePlan following one year of employment. There couldn’t have been a better time for me to engage. Sitting across the table from Laura, my LifePlan Facilitator, I shared with her what I believed to be my “Four Helpful Lists”: What’s Right, What’s Wrong, What’s Confused, What’s Missing. Looking back on the original email I sent to her, so much has changed over the last few years. As a single person, I desired a teammate and family. New to management, I was trying to navigate my personal career growth. With my background in health, I was struggling to swallow the number on the scale. In it all, I knew that it would require my relationship with Christ to be intact. We moved from breakfast to Laura’s parents’ home, where we went straight to work on a number of exercises that started to paint a picture of where I have come from and where I am going. Taking time to concentrate on life domains of personal, family, vocational, church, and community, it was becoming clear: THIS is who I am created to be!!! Wrapping up on the second day, tears of joy were streaming down my face. I sensed the Lord working through this process to reveal truth in my life. LP Since completing my LifePlan with Laura, it has been instrumental in my personal growth, by seeing the bigger picture of God’s plan. Little did I know that the medical training I encountered in school and working for a surgeon would translate into my marriage to a Medical Student who is fascinated with surgery. . . but God knew. I have continued to place an emphasis on fitness and am in better physical condition than I was as a high school athlete. My relationships are stronger and I better understand the importance of Community.

Now, this all comes together as I seek to become certified as a LifePlan Facilitator – a role that combines my Heart and Talents; the place where Career and Ministry can intersect. Two of my favorite takeaways from my LifePlan will resonate in it all: I am a People Optimizer who instinctively sees the potential in others and coaches toward that full realization. I pray that my Opus Gloria (contribution in life) would be influencing others to optimize their lives in ways that glorify God. If you would like to contribute to this investment, you can donate online here:


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