Enjoy today!

Included in a parting gift from my team at my last company was a collection of quotes. Some were original and some were borrowed from noteworthy figures. Among them were two words: “Enjoy today.”


I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere along the way I adopted it as one of my email closings. Each time I sign off on an email, I remember to take time for the little things and to not rush through the mundane.

Enjoyment is the “state or process of taking pleasure in something.” Enjoyment is a choice. There are bills to be paid, miles to run, meetings to attend, little mouths to feed, material to learn, commitments to uphold. In and of themselves, these daily activities can be routine and even cumbersome. If we get caught thinking about what we would rather engage in, or future plans, the beauty of the moment will go unnoticed.

Today’s Challenge: When you find yourself bored or frustrated, throw some creativity into your situation to make it more enjoyable. Season the moment with awe or laughter and it might not be so bad!


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