Fireflies are rarely spotted west of Kansas. Born and raised on Colorado soil, I have yet to cross paths with a little lightning bug. Even so, I want to see a firefly someday. I don’t need a forest filled with fireflies to grant my heart’s desire. If I can find just one, it will be forever checked off my list.

fireflies-in-a-jarIn the hustle of our days, we seek out ways to improve our lives, to create efficiencies in the workplace, to grow our bank accounts, to conquer the next roadblock. Those who know me well will confirm that I am most certainly not opposed to goal setting and discipline. In fact, it drives me. I enjoy list making and carve out time each Sunday to plan the upcoming week. I hope to spend many of my days helping women better understand who they are created to be, charting out a course for action that will help them to thrive. Yet in all the planning and all the doing, I hope we find time to chase fireflies.

Whether it’s by way of eucharisteo – unearthing the joy of giving thanks in all things, or by way of adventure – traveling the road unknown, I believe it is important to not only dream big, but to dream about the small. If we are always giving our time and attention to the great, there is a chance we will miss the beauty of the simple. Cover the page corner of your list of to-dos by putting pen to paper the small things you hope to experience, witness, learn, and cherish. Be diligent to discover delight!


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