How fit is my response?

When it comes to physical fitness there are a number of ways to measure one’s fitness level. From flexibility to strength, there is always room for improvement. One measurement that is commonly utilized by athletes is Heart Rate Recovery (HRR). After a short bout of submaximal exercise, the heart rate is recorded one minute after the exercise has ended. The decrease in beats per minute indicates the ability of the cardiovascular system to return to rest. With consistent endurance training, HRR will increase as the body is able to return to rest more quickly.

HRRAs we navigate each work day, regardless of profession or trade, we are sure to encounter difficult people and situations. Any given day may begin with a breathtaking sunrise, a carefree commute, and an attitude that can summit the tallest mountain. Without warning, an unpleasant coworker or unforeseen issue can knock us off our game, sending us reeling. If we are not seasoned or mature, the rate at which we recover can place us in a category that is unfavorable. Carrying the weight of the day from the cubicle to the dinner table should hoist red flags to alert us that we’re not processing the situation with grace. Even worse, harboring bitterness for days, weeks, and seasons can destroy productivity and render us paralyzed in our ability to contribute as a strong teammate.

Lately, I have been asking a simple question that has led to even deeper introspection about my role in my current workplace: How fit is my response? Am I able to recover from moments of frustration, or does my “heart rate” remain elevated much longer than is healthy?

My prayer is that the Lord would empower us to deal in the currency of great grace, treating each person with more patience than any of us ever deserve, and that our attitude would not be a grand façade, but a true measure of maturity!


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