Seasons of Change

The seasons are changing. Can you feel it? Take one step into the shade of a tree, colored with bits of bright gold, and the outside temperature instantly feels ten degrees cooler. I may be getting ahead of myself with my eager anticipation of pumpkin lattes (pay no attention to the blasphemous articles regarding how horrendous they are and savor one or two this year!), the crunch of leaves under the soles of my running shoes, hanging our Autumn wreath on the front door, and even the possibility of snowfall around Halloween. My intent is not to prematurely bid the Summer of 2014 farewell. We have strawberries and tomatoes that have yet to grow to their full potential and making it home before the sun sets seems to be more conducive to productivity in the evening. This Colorado girl simply gets excited at the thought of changing seasons – or to be more precise, the opportunity to change.


The monotone drone of the mundane is less than appealing and going through the motions is exhausting. By only living to the standard or expectation, we declare that we are satisfied with white bread. Sure, white bread is fine. It’s enriched to provide the consumer with nutrients that are otherwise lost in the process, but it’s a rather boring form of sustenance.

If we allow ourselves to be lulled by the beat of monotony, we begin to trust that change is either too hard or even impossible. We fail to remember that we, ourselves, were once imaginative enough to dream about the crazy careers we would have when we grow up. By living as less than who we are created to be, we tread enough water each day to stay afloat, to keep breathing, and to maintain the status quo. . . but we are worn out and dissatisfied.

We adventure into unknown territory when we crave more than what white bread has to offer. The boundaries of what is expected are overcome with a single leap when we dare to exercise discipline.

Discipline is too often mislabeled as boring and tossed into the white bread category. Its call to reach new heights is drowned out by the noise of fleeting distractions, but heeding this call fuels our progress. If we desire the richness that comes with change, we must be committed. Change is guaranteed when we carve out time to learn something new, invest in relationships, design something beautiful, increase our understanding of the Word, sharpen a skill, heed the wisdom of the older generation, train our bodies, utilize our talents, and immerse ourselves in other cultures.

I hope that the evidence of the changing seasons reminds us that today can begin a season of change for our lives; as we answer the dare to discipline!


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