Excuse me. Do you know where I can find my moxie?

The last time I put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, to be more precise, Colorado was sitting on the edge of Summer, ready to take the leap into Fall. And leap, it did. I pulled in our sprawling tomato plants and harvested a few of our red ripe strawberries in preparation for last night’s freeze. After settling into my desk this morning, I glanced outside from time to time to watch the snowflakes falling against the green of the tree just beyond the window. Snow, yes snow, fell on our great state in the early days of September!

Something about days like today make moving from the comfort of warm sheets seem downright impossible when there is a chill in the air. Almost as difficult as climbing out of bed this morning, has been my quest to track down the energy and excitement I had in my possession in early June, when I made the commitment to become a LifePlan Facilitator. From listening to Seth Godin’s Start Up School while I trained on a spin bike, to making lunchtime runs to Office Depot for supplies, I was hot when I came out of the gate. My guns were blazin’.

Fast forward eleven weeks and I’m slacking on my Sunday night planning (to gear up for the upcoming week), not a single word has been added to the pages of my journal for far too long, and my workouts have been less than impressive. What I do NOT intend to communicate here, is the idea that productivity is a metric that should be used to define our worth, or that there are times we should devote to rest. Who we are is NOT what we do. What I do believe is that who we are should SHINE through what we do! As far as I could tell, the way my life was being lived out from moment to moment was not a reflection of who I am at my core. It was evident that something was out of place. I managed to misplace my moxie.

Thanks to the Facebook post of a friend, I ran across an article that outlines five quotes from Mark Cuban. One that particularly stood out to me:

“Doesn’t matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full. All that matters is that you are the one pouring the water.”

I can choose to survey today as just another Friday, or I can see today as a clean slate: seventeen hours to add a little flair to my wardrobe, smile while emptying the dishwasher, have a dance party on the commute to work (two words: Bang Bang), learn something new about workplace culture, pick up some Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix at lunch for a mountain drive, send an encouraging email, check in with my parents, savor sushi at our favorite local spot, and get a good night’s rest in anticipation for another great day. THIS is the moxie I’m talking about. Moxie doesn’t require sushi nights or fancy hair pins, but it does spark our desire to do what we do with excellence and have fun along the way.


Think energy drinks are a new-fangled beverage of the 2000’s?  Fun fact: 100 years before I took my first breath, an energy drink called Moxie stormed the market.  True story.


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