Leave Your Keys in the Door

There was a knock at the door last night and I knew exactly who it was. Peering through the peep hole, I saw my sister-in-law Robin, with a birthday card in one hand and my keys in the other. “Someone was excited to get home last night!” she exclaimed as I wrapped up a phone conversation with her sister. She was right.


Birthdays serve as a special day for friends and family to express their love and take a moment to celebrate life with you. Aside from the annual “Happy Birthday” singing message from one of my best friends, a pretty potted plant from a coworker, phone calls with family, Facebook wishes, and the opening of birthday cards, yesterday was an average day. After the morning routine and a birthday latte for the commute, I found myself punching the clock and going through the motions of month-end. As with most days, walking through the front door is like breathing a sigh of relief. The stressful evening commute is over and the familiar scent of our home soothes my soul.

My husband’s current rotation has him working six days on with one day off. Every morning is early and many nights are late. Last night was an exception. Making it home before me, he managed to make a couple stops before getting in a workout. With my keys still in the lock of the door, the door opened from the other side and there was my husband with a single long-stem rose. While the rose and a few tears of joy add a twist of romance to the story, this is an everyday affair.

To my married ladies, I challenge you: leave your keys in the front door. The act of leaving the ring dangling for anyone passing by to snatch is not required to walk through the threshold of your home with great anticipation of spending time with the love of your life. When we were dating our husbands, we took time to put the finishing touches on our makeup, planned unique ways to make them smile, and listened intently to the details of their day. Whether five days or fifteen years have passed since the day you first said ‘I do,’ walk through the door tonight as though it’s the first time. Never forget that you are a treasured gem and an amazing gift to your man — your teammate for life!


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